Jim David Meats

Using our own Great Grandmas recipes, we make the tastiest salads around.

With the Jim David label, as well as others, we offer the tastiest chicken salads, pimento cheese salads, meats and BBQ around.  Our salads have the perfect texture and mix of flavors that are perfect for party guests or simply to just enjoy yourself.  Try them on bread, crackers, or simply right out of the package.

Our BBQ offerings come in a variety of packaging options.  Party Trays make a perfect way to share the goodness with others.  Our flavorful and meaty pork ribs are smoked for over 8 hours in our Little Kentucky Smokehouse, and the taste; well grab a slab and you’ll know how great ribs are meant to taste.

Deli trays offer something for everyone who enjoys a great sandwich.  Nicely portioned slices of smoked and smoked turkey, enough to pile high and bite right into them.

Our burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and bologna are made from the finest meats and perfectly sized for a good hearty meal.