Welcome to the delicious home of Jim David Meats and the Little Kentucky Smokehouse.

smoke62Our home is in Western Kentucky, in Union County.  If you lean your nose forward you can almost smell the sweet, succulent aromas that waft from our Little Kentucky Smokehouse.  Okay, that may be a stretch because tasting our delicious hams, salads, BBQ and meats is really the only way to fully appreciate the steps taken to bring them to your table.

Our hams are healthy and natural – hand selected and hand trimmed.  Our hams are cured and smoked the old fashioned way – the only way – with 100% natural hickory wood chips.  No corner is ever cut, no compromise ever made.  Our hams are made using no binder, no colorant, no artificial or liquid smoke and are NEVER water added – only natural juices.

Using our own Great Grandma’s homemade recipes, we also make the tastiest salads around.  Whether you are serving chicken salad, pimiento cheese or hot pepper pimiento cheese salads, you can be sure that it tastes just like what Grandma made.

Our BBQ recipe is world-famous, but more importantly, quite possible the best tasting BBQ you’ve ever had.

We exceed every USDA standard of cleanliness and hygiene.  The Little Kentucky Smokehouse’ design makes it one of the most advanced in the country. Product safety features are multiple, including total separation of raw and cooked areas, post-pasteurization and x-ray inspection for foreign contamination.